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You know the score. It’s not enough to have a great brand, it’s not enough to be on social media, it’s not enough to just have an online presence these days. Engagement is key to driving traffic, gaining users and ultimately impacting your bottom line.

So, what better way to reach customers than with promo video ads? And what better way to create that content than with a  promotional video maker? Boosted has the best promo video maker app to help you push your business to new heights.

Make no mistake, video marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching audiences in this digital age. It’s no surprise therefore, that 83 per cent of video marketers say it helps with lead generation.

Boosted simplifies this process, with its sleek navigation and easy-to-use interface. If you’re looking to boost your profile, grow users, generate leads, likes and subscribers via promo videos, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Easy to Use Promo Video Maker in Just 3 Steps:

Lay out your design
To get you started, choose from a host of great promo video ad templates. These will help ease the process, guiding you through the many designs, images and audio and visual content to choose from. It’s the starting point for making great videos, and there’s hundreds of stunning designs to choose from.
Bring it to life
So you’ve got the promo video template sorted, next you’ll want to populate your video content. One of the benefits of using Boosted is that you’ll access the vast Getty Images catalogue. Integrate this content seamlessly to wow viewers and bring your visuals to life. Most important of all, it will give your videos a professional look and feel you need.
Next-level designs
Impress customers with the great promotional ad graphics, a wide variety of fonts and a choice of soundtracks to upgrade your video. Better still, you can instantly upload this direct to your social channels in just a few clicks, from the convenience of wherever you may be. In no time, you will start to see your promotional videos gaining you plenty of thumbs up!
Promotional Video Maker: Your Secret Social Media Weapon?

It has never been more important to stay ahead of competition and reach new audiences. Video affords you the chance to get your message across clearly, whilst bringing your product or services to life in an exciting way. It is a great investment tool, with marketers taking full advantage of it. After all, the average person watches 84 minutes of online video content every year – a figure that is growing.

Are you ready to get your business noticed? Do you want to increase followers, likes, and overall engagement? Then now is the time to get creative with just a few taps from your device. Here’s a few ideas for inspiration:

Behind-the-scenes content: Customers like to feel like they have been shown something exclusive, or unique. Make sure they feel privy to your world, with behind-the-scenes content.

Instructional videos: Use your voice and expertise to show off your brand credentials.

Promotional: Whether it’s a summer sale, back-to-school offer or more, video is a strong tool for communicating your news and offers.

Three Insights for Using Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are the perfect way to introduce your brands to potential customers. To make the most of our promo video ad maker, here’s three helpful insider tips:

1. Know your audience: The more niche you can get, the better. Talk to your audience like you would a friend – get to know them, the language they use, the content they like, and reflect this in your videos for optimum engagement.

2. Keep it snappy: In a world where customers are bombarded with messages constantly, attention spans are waning. As such, you’ll benefit from keeping your videos short and sweet.

3. Use subtitles and graphics: Subtitles in promo videos are extremely popular and a smart move, for the many channels where people mute sound. At the same time, this means a greater focus on the graphics you use. Why not jazz up your promotional video and include some infographics to keep engagement high?

These 3 tips can help you maximize our promo video ad maker to help boost your business to new heights! For more tips, read our guide for promo videos here.

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