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Boost your LinkedIn company page with a video maker app for LinkedIn!

Take advantage of the growing demand for video content on LinkedIn!

It’s no longer enough to just have a LinkedIn page. You need to post regular updates, interact with followers and create linger-worthy video content. Creating original videos for LinkedIn is one way to do this. That’s because video is significantly considered in LinkedIn’s algorithm, naturally boosting your presence on other’s feed.

Our LinkedIn video ad maker has the idea design which is suited for the LinkedIn user-experience, increasing your chances to receive as many likes, shares and positive comments on your company page as possible.

Level-up your LinkedIn Company videos in three easy steps:

Put your personal stamp on it
Your LinkedIn business profile is a destination for fans, followers and business associates. Use it to showcase your LinkedIn brand values and impress customers. This all starts with the right template for your story. Choose from our wide range of templates available, with something for every theme, occasion and brand. This is the perfect jump-off point for creating bespoke content from scratch.
Professional image and LinkedIn video content
Boosted users gain exclusive access to a huge library, which includes professional images and videos from partners such as Getty Images perfect for LinkedIn. Integrate this content into your videos to impress viewers and give the impression of a professional business.
Bring your brand colors to life with our customization tools
Give your LinkedIn video ad a final gloss of professionalism, with your exclusive brand colors. You can also customize fonts, pick filters and choose music to upgrade your video to the next level. Avoiding all the technical challenges you might usually face, you can even upload the video directly from the app to your LinkedIn page.
Why LinkedIn videos are your secret marketing weapon!

We all know that LinkedIn video engages with viewers in a way that other forms of communication can’t. And yet, only half of marketers are using video content on their business LinkedIn pages. Now is the time to invest in your business with a LinkedIn video maker and bolster your followers with amazing content that beats the competition.

Get your business noticed, increase followers, likes, and overall engagement from the moment you start posting from these ideas:

Behind-the-scenes: Take viewers behind the scenes and show another side of your operation.

Instructional: Creating helpful content that adds value should from part of your video marketing strategy. Instructional guides are a great way to do this.

Announcements: New launches? New CEO in town? Whatever the business announcement, turn your page into a destination for finding out more about your latest news and appointments through the form of video.

Six lessons for making videos for LinkedIn

The beauty of Boosted’s social video maker is that you don’t need any technical training or video making skills to get started. However, here’s six helpful tips for taking your LinkedIn video to the next level.

1. Not too long, not too short

LinkedIn company page videos can range from three seconds to 10 minutes long. However, attention tends to wane after 10 seconds. Use filters, colors and templates to maintain engagement from the get-go.

2. Use graphics and visuals

Whether or not you choose to include audio, be sure to include titles to enhance your story. Infographics are another creative way of keeping interest too.

3. Words with pictures

Don’t forget to include copy to accompany your video. This will heighten its chances of being seen, and invite others to leave comments – the Holy grail of LinkedIn! The recommendation is to keep captions to 150 characters of fewer, so it’s time to get thrifty. Don’t forget to @ colleagues, clients or suppliers for sharing too. 

4. Post at the right time

LinkedIn is one of the social profiles that tend to be in sync with the working day. For best results, post on a weekday around lunchtime, when people are taking a break from work and surfing the web.

5. Keep it topical

Research trending topics relevant to your industry and try and have a voice in that space. LinkedIn favours topical video content, helping your video to rise through the ranks.

6. Throw in a hashtag

Everyone loves a hashtag, even LinkedIn. One of the perks of the platform is that it will recommend the most suitable hashtags for your story. There’s no limit to how many you use, but try not to get too spammy.

LinkedIn video maker features

Ready-To-Go LinkedIn Templates
Use Multiple Clips, Music, & More for LinkedIn
Getty Images Stock Library Perfect for LinkedIn
Easy LinkedIn video customization
High-quality design for LinkedIn Video Ad Integration
Trendy + Effective Content for LinkedIn

Use video to take your brand’s social to the next level

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