Lawyer Video Marketing:

The Ultimate Guide for 2020

In the past few years, video has become king when it comes to law marketing and finding new clients. With the popularity of smartphones and apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, people are more likely than ever before to make decisions based on a professional law video that appeals to them.

lawyer video marketing

You’ve probably seen years’ worth of terrible, low-quality ads for lawyers on local cable or late-night TV, but now things have changed and lawyer video marketing is in.

Use this ultimate guide to help kick your law practice’s video marketing into high gear and get the exposure, and clients, you need.

Why Your Law Practice Can Benefit From a Video Marketing Strategy

At the end of the day, the reality of video marketing—especially online—is that it gets results. According to research, 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video, and 68% say they prefer to learn about brands and services with a video.

Other studies have found that while potential clients visit roughly 5 separate websites when looking for legal services, that number drops steeply to 1.8 websites, when those sites contain video, increasing your odds of being the top choice.

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re a lawyer, a video gives your practice a face (yours) and helps build trust.


3 Tips & Ideas on How to Construct a Legal Practice Video

As you’re getting ready to start rolling on your law firm video, keep these great tips in mind to help you make the best possible impression on your potential clients:

  1. Base your decisions on value, not cost. Videos are not as cheap as marketing methods like newspaper or banner ads, but they do have a much better return on investment. Focus on the value it will give you instead of what it will cost, and see your video as an investment in your business.
  2. Focus on the benefits, and not the services. An unfortunate reality of the legal industry is that droning on about the technical services you offer will put clients to sleep. Focus instead on the amazing things and benefits that your practice offers clients. Do you have higher win rates? Does your firm get the most money out of settlements? Prioritize that over long-winded explanations.
  3. Know what type of video you’re making. Depending on your objectives, you may want to switch up the kind of video you film. Explicit ads are good to raise some awareness and get leads, but explainers, success stories, and case studies may be better to help you seal the deal and build trust.

3 Tools for Creating a Law Practice Video

To make the best video, you need the right tools. These are some must-haves to film your legal firm’s marketing video:

  1. A good camera: In today’s HD world, video quality matters. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your shiny iPhone camera or a professional grade one, you should always make sure that you’re shooting in the best possible quality for the best results.
  2. A great microphone: You should look great in your video, but what really matters to clients is what you’re saying. To ensure your viewers can hear everything you have to say, make sure you have the best possible tools to capture audio.
  3. Video maker app: You may not have the endless resources of a major law firm to hire professional advertisers and video editors for a quick shoot. VideoBoost is a video maker app which quickly guides you through the process of creating your ad so you can upload and start posting videos in just a few minutes.

Some of Our Favorite Legal Practice Videos

The Gibson Firm:

This simple, quick lawyer marketing video has a little of everything. Good production quality, an impactful message, and a script that helps connect to clients. Most importantly, testimonials add a powerful touch.

Herrman and Herrman:

Another great law firm marketing video that focuses on the law firm’s founder, explaining his job, the benefits, and why he’s the best option. Simple, quick, and to the point helps clients feel at ease with his level of expertise.

For other ideas and inspiration, check out our roundup of 5 great examples of small business videos used for marketing.

Video Marketing for Legal Firms is Here to Stay

While you may think it’s just a fad, the trends point to video being a vital part of marketing for law firms in the future. Some studies show that videos can increase clients’ trust in a law firm by nearly 57%, and having videos on your website and social media channels will help you show up closer to the top on Google.

Most importantly, people want video, and marketing is all about delivering the content your audience wants. As the relevance of social media and video increase, ensuring you have the right resources and strategy in place can help you stay at the top of your field and consistently get clients for your law firm.