Real Estate Video Marketing Guide for 2020

Real Estate Video Marketing:

The Ultimate Guide for 2020

real estate video marketing

Real estate is on the rise, and the industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2020. If you’re a seller or real estate agent and/or marketer looking to boost your real estate business and build a stronger connection with your potential buyers – the time is now to develop a real estate video marketing strategy for your brand.

With this real estate video marketing guide for 2020 – you’re going to learn:

Why Use Video For Your Real Estate Business?

How can video marketing benefit small business real estate agents and brokers?

Tell Your Story

For starters, video marketing will give your real estate business the opportunity to make your operation seem more personable. With video, you can tell your business’s story directly to your consumer: what made you originally want to pursue real estate, how your business got started, what your favorite part of the industry is etc. Real estate involves trust and intuition – a personal video will help you seem more likeable, which can increase the amount of trust your customer has in you.

Here’s a great video example from real estate investor Kris Krohn about how he got started out in real estate:

Read up on the concept of digital storytelling here for further insights.

Position Yourself as a Real Estate Expert

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in the industry – share your real estate expertise in a video! This works great as a listicle video (i.e. “My Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Buying Your First Home.”) Here’s some inspiration from real estate agent Loida Velasquez:


Show Your Properties

Real estate video marketing makes it possible for you to show off your properties to potential clients. You can use the videos to give potential buyers a tour of your properties, as well as discuss relevant details about it (price, location etc). The remote aspect of being able to show off homes and properties is a game changer for brokers and clients who don’t live in the same area.

Real Estate Video Marketing Statistics in 2020

When it comes down to it, video marketing has proven to be immensely successful across all industries. In 2020, research shows that:

  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year, and a 54% increase in brand awareness.
  • At the same time, marketers who rely on video will be able to grow their revenue nearly 50% faster than those who do not.
  • Videos excel on social media, since they are more engaging and more easily shareable than images alone. Video content can help generate 1200% more social shares than images and text combined.

Here are some unique real estate video marketing statistics (source):

  • 50% of buyers find their new home online.
  • Almost 51% of shoppers use YouTube as their number one destination for research.
  • 84% of new homebuyers say the information they found online was crucial for their research.

The numbers don’t lie: it is 100% crucial for real estate businesses to improve their video marketing in this day and age. Potential buyers are spending more and more time on digital and their phones are likely to be their first destination when researching a potential home. Create videos to ensure that your content shows up (and hopefully catches their eye!) as they scroll.

Real Estate Video Marketing Services

If you’re a real estate professional who’s just getting started out with video content creation and doesn’t have a lot of experience with video editing tools – don’t worry! Here are two routes that you can take for improving your video marketing:

  • Outsourcing – If it’s within your budget, there are plenty of video marketing services out there that will take care of every aspect of the video content creation process for you. Before choosing a company to handle your video marketing, be sure to do your research. Focus on finding out whether the company is reputable and worth your time and money.
  • Use a Video Marketing Tool – If your plan is to create videos in-house, check out VideoBoost – a video maker app that enables you to create professionally-designed videos, in minutes. You can use your own footage or select stock footage, and then add text and other elements to customize. It’s free to download and use (you can upgrade to access all video templates), which is always a plus for any bootstrapped real estate agent trying to grow his or her business.

3 Tips For Creating Awesome Real Estate Marketing Videos

1. Create promotional videos. VideoBoost makes the otherwise daunting experience of creating a promo video simple and fast.

There’s a dedicated category within the app for real estate video templates:

real estate marketing social media marketing

Here are some examples of real estate marketing videos that you can create with VideoBoost:




2.  Create a video script – Every good piece of content starts with a plan. A video script will give your real estate marketing video framework and direction. Here are 8 steps to writing an effective video script, according to HubSpot:

  • Start with a brief.
  • Use your brief to write an outline.
  • Introduce yourself and/or the topic at the beginning of your script.
  • Start writing your script, section by section.
  • Support any B-roll with the proper callouts in your main narrative.
  • Be as concise as you can.
  • Use this video script template (see HubSpot article).
  • Do a verbal run-through off-camera.

3. Make sure your video is high-quality. Nowadays, you don’t need professional, expensive video equipment to create HQ video content – smartphones make shooting impressive video content accessible to  everyone. Be conscious of which way you hold your phone when shooting (horizontal vs. vertical). Knowing which social media platform the content is for will help inform this decision (i.e. you would film a video vertically for Instagram Stories).

Check out Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Videos for Social Media for insights on how to optimize your videos for the unique characteristics and features of social media – both in general, as well as for each platform in particular.

Best Real Estate Marketing Video Examples:

Get inspired to create stellar real estate marketing videos by watching successful videos that have already received a lot of views, engagement and subsequently, real estate leads. Here are some videos that will get your creative juices flowing:

  • How to Shoot Drone Commercial Real Estate, Property Videos | BTS – Discover a way to show off your properties from (literally) a whole new perspective using drones. Watch for tips on how to record real estate videos using a drone, as well as insights into different angles and shots you can record from. Incorporating aerial footage into your real estate marketing video is a surefire way to make your video stand out.

  • Realtor Commercial Video | Real Estate Agent Profile Commercial | Chicago – This video provides an in-depth look into an individual real estate agent’s services. It tells the realtor’s story in a personal and engaging fashion, and includes a customer testimonial as well which adds a level of trustworthiness to the video.

Using Video For Real Estate Listings As A Strategy

Creating a strong real estate marketing video strategy will give your real estate business a leg up in an already-crowded market. Even with amazing videos though – you need to ensure that other components of your  business are updated digitally: namely, your real estate listings.

Consider this: One of your videos catches a potential buyer’s eye and they are inspired to learn more about your properties. They scroll for a bit, looking for your listings – and cannot find them. Because the relevant links and information about your business were hard to find, you just lost yourself a potential client and subsequently, a potential sale.

Some tips to ensure that a situation like this one does not take place:

  • Make sure your listings are easy to find on your website.
  • Link to your listings in all the proper places on your social media pages – both in the bio/description, as well as within the captions of the content itself.
  • Update your real estate listings continually on all of the proper online real estate listing sites. Here are the top 5 real estate sites that every real estate agent should keep in mind:
    1. Home Finder
    2. Multiple Listing Service
    3. Red Fin
    4. Zillow
    5. Trulia

No matter which type of video you’re creating, use our Ultimate Guide to Ideal Video Size for Every Social Platform as a resource for your real estate promo videos!

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