Restaurant Video Marketing Guide for 2020

Restaurant Video Marketing:

The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Restaurant Video Marketing
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It may feel like your restaurant can survive on word of mouth alone but sometimes your marketing strategy could use a fresh angle to attract new customers or excite loyal diners. One easy and fun way to get people talking about your eatery is using a catchy marketing video, which can help increase your exposure and engage your prospective audience.

Video marketing is quickly becoming the go-to marketing strategy for many industries, and with good reason. In 2019, nearly 85% of all internet users in the US watched video content every month on their devices, and 54% would like to see more videos from the brands they love to frequent.

For a restaurant, these changing consumer preferences represent a golden opportunity to increase attention and publicity while connecting with existing patrons. Keep reading our ultimate guide for video marketing in 2019 to start constructing your own fruitful video strategy.

Restaurant Video Marketing
Image source: Pixabay

Why Your Restaurant Can Benefit From A Video Marketing Strategy:

Video marketing is popular among marketers for one major reason—it works. Want to boost the number of people visiting your site to make reservations? One study found that including your video on a landing page can improve conversion rates by nearly 80%, with 70% of marketers noting that video has higher conversion rates than other media formats.

More importantly, people care about the videos they see, and your food is an excellent subject. Restaurants have the added advantage of being very visual and sensory (after all, who hasn’t seen a plate of food that makes them drool with anticipation), which positions them as ideal subjects for video.

Add that to the fact that 50% of consumers usually search for videos before making a purchase decision, and you can see how great-looking food can ultimately aid your efforts to bring more diners through the doors.

3 Tips & Ideas On How to Construct Your Restaurant Promo Video

Before you start rolling the camera and spending money left and right on your video production, keep the following tips and strategies in mind when building your small business video advertisement:

  1. Keep your videos varied. The beauty of food services is how many options you have when making a video. Choose to show off your newest menu item, demonstrate how to make a popular dish, or even introduce your wonderful chefs and smiling wait staff. Variety keeps viewers engaged and coming back to see what’s new.
  2. Keep your videos short and sweet. Unlike more complex products and services, food is easy, and people tend to think about food with their instincts more than brains. Therefore, keep your videos equally short, designing them to quickly make a big splash and hook viewers in as soon as they start watching.
  3. Remind your viewers to engage. While videos are fun and exciting, they do have a clear purpose—to improve engagement and sales. As such, you should always make your videos actionable. Give your viewers something to do immediately after your video by including clear, easy calls to action.

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3 Tools for Creating a Restaurant Marketing Video

The idea of making videos can be intimidating when you start thinking of the costs involved, but really, you only need a few items to produce amazing clips for your restaurant:

  1. An HD-capable camera: If you want your food to sell, it must look amazing. Luckily, your smartphone likely has all the filming power you need. Today’s smartphone cameras are incredibly high-powered and can deliver excellent results without adding a single cent to your costs.
  2. An editing app like VideoBoost: Editing software is notoriously expensive, but it’s also unnecessary unless you’re trying to show off. Using an app like VideoBoost, you can edit your restaurant promo videos, add effects, text, and sounds, and even use pre-existing templates to give them an extra pop. VideoBoost also guides you through the video creation process to make it easy to go from capturing footage and editing to eventual upload.
  3. Good lighting: Another vital aspect of your video is ensuring your food appears as appetizing as possible. Lighting is important because darkness and dimness will make your food look unavoidably bland. Guarantee that your food’s colors and ingredients stand out by using bright, uniform light.

Our Favorite Restaurant Marketing Video:

Goodman Steak House Restaurant:

The use of music, combined with a strong limelight on the food being served, make Goodman Restaurant feel like the best steakhouse ever. The simple video works because it focuses on the main feature of the restaurant—the food—and the music makes it look cool and fresh.

Make Your Food Pop with Restaurant Video Marketing

Your food deserves to be the star of your marketing strategy, and embracing video lets you put it in the spotlight. The research doesn’t lie—video is a very capable marketing tool and it produces results in terms of both engagement and conversions. For your restaurant, it’s an opportunity to win over more patrons, generate buzz around new menu items or promotions, and simply show the world your passion for your food.

Put your restaurant on the map by identifying the best tools and selecting the right strategies to increase your video marketing reach. With patience and the right approach, you’ll start creating buzz in no time.

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