Easter is right around the corner, and that’s good news for businesses of all sizes. Last year, the National Retail Federation predicted that Americans would spend more than $18 billion—or around $151 per person—before and during the Easter weekend.

If you want to leverage the Easter shopping frenzy but are curious how you can hop on the seasonal bandwagon by providing fun and engaging content for your fans, we’ve got seven ideas for your Stories and Feed.

1. Run a Contest

There’s no easier way to get people involved and engaged on Instagram than by running a giveaway in your Feed. Whether you give away a discount to the winner(s), offer to send them out your newest coffee blend, or give them their pick of an item from your website, there are many options for staying seasonal with a giveaway, including:

  • Guessing game: Fill up a jar with chocolate eggs and have fans guess how many are in the jar. If you have more than one winner, pick a random winner from the group or reward everyone.
  • Name game: Have them name the new office rabbit or plant; for Easter, the flowers of choice are lilies, tulips, daffodils, daisies, and yellow roses. Then, pick a random winner.
  • Trivia: Bust out some little-known facts about Easter and test your fans on their knowledge. Pick winners from those who guess the right answer.

For insights on how to run a successful Instagram giveaway, check out our recent blog. Here’s some giveaway inspiration from @platosclosetyakima from Easter 2019:

2. Get Creative with Seasonal Content

Your followers’ Feeds are going to be chock full of Easter content, with every brand and business they follow trying to capitalize on the holiday to boost sales or engagement. Focus on thoughtfully and carefully curating seasonal images with valuable captions and trending hashtags so that your content stands out and your fans save, share, and engage with your content.

Try to find images on sites like Pexels or Unsplash for your Feed and Stories that are outside the box, and do your best to forego the typical Easter images of decorated eggs, pastels, and flowers that are going to saturate social platforms. Here is an Easter collection you can browse, curated by Unsplash.

easter social media marketing

Image Credit: Micheile Henderson, Unsplash

Some content ideas:

  • Easter is definitely about the food, and even if your brand isn’t food focused, you can share a recipe with an unexpected twist on a classic Easter favorite (roast lamb tacos, anyone?) and let your fans know the office will be enjoying it over the holiday.
  • Did you know Americans eat more than 16 million jelly beans on Easter?! Post Easter trivia questions to your Stories with relevant and seasonal images teasing to the answers and tag related brands when it makes sense.
  • Share gratitude! Easter is a time when people gather with friends and family, so share who and what you’re thankful and grateful for.

Also, we recommend businesses avoid going crazy with the Easter puns in captions, egg-tractive as they may be, because everyone takes this route. Be different!

3. Plant an “Easter Egg”

No, we’re not talking about literal Easter eggs here. In the digital world, Easter eggs are hidden messages, jokes, or features. Easter eggs became a thing thanks to Google, which plants clever Easter eggs throughout the web, but now you can find them in video games, movies, computer programs, and plenty of other places.

Consider planting your logo, a brand mascot, or cleverly placed Easter-themed icon in your Stories or Feed posts and then encourage fans and followers to try and find it—and a giveaway attached to finding the Easter egg can’t hurt! Or, if you’re working with brand influencers, have them post your Easter-egged image and see if fans can figure it out.

4. Host a Sale

Did you know that 34% of Instagram users are ages 25 to 34? Today, this age group also has the greatest purchasing power, and the NRF says they’re doing more than planning egg hunts for Easter—they’re also planning to shop online for clothing, decorations, gifts, food, candy, flowers, travel opportunities, and more—and 74 percent will be busy shopping on their smartphones.

Leverage spring fever and the $18 billion that consumers will spend during the Easter weekend by hosting a “spring into savings” sale or promotion. Or, do the flip and run a “spring cleaning” sale by delivering a special promo on closeout or clearance items or services that are slow during this time of year.

5. Go Behind the Scenes

Easter is a time for gathering with friends, family, and even coworkers, so why not show the world what your employees are doing for the holiday? Easter offers a great chance to post content that can boost brand awareness and build loyalty by showing the world who you really are.

You don’t have to produce something super involved. Just hop around the office and ask your employees about their favorite Easter candy or what their plans for the holiday are and then post the videos to your Stories or post multiple images to the feed with their responses. Then, encourage your fans to comment on which staffer they relate to the most.

6. Run a “Caption This” competition

Find an interesting Easter-themed picture and invite your fans to caption the post on your Feed. Be sure to respond to each of the comments so your fans (and Instagram’s algorithm) know you’re engaged. If you’re running in your stories, use the question sticker and post responses to your Stories as they come in—it’ll keep your Stories busy and full of content all day.

Here’s some recent “Caption This” inspiration from @meowed:

7. Run a Poll with a Challenge

Throw a poll into your Stories asking your followers how they prefer to chomp down on the holiday’s beloved chocolate rabbits: Ears first? Feet first? Then, create a hashtag—think #ChocolateBunnyChomp or #EasterChompChallenge—and invite fans to post pictures of themselves to their stories and Feed with the hashtag.

Be sure to share images to your Stories as they come in so your fans feel seen and like they’re a part of your brand. If you’re working with influencers or have partner businesses or brands, get them onboard with the hashtag too.

Bonus Tip!

Whatever type of content you decide to leverage to boost your engagement and follower rates over Easter, don’t forget the holiday has deep religious significance for many who celebrate. From the images and GIFs you choose to the captions you write, be thoughtful and respectful to the way that different people celebrate the holiday.

Action Items:

  1. Start planning your Easter content strategy so the holiday doesn’t sneak up on you.
  2. Poll your followers now to find out what they love most about Easter. Then, work what’s relevant to your fans into your content calendar for maximum impact.
  3. Download VideoBoost to leverage easy-to-use templates and a library of images that will make creating Easter video content quick and easy.

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